District 128 Announces Launch of Mobile Application: D128 Mobile

Community High School District 128 is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile application, D128 Mobile. As of Dec. 10, 2012, users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) can download the free app from the Apple App Store. The Android version for Google smart phones and tablets is available on Google Play. Users of all other smart phones may access the app on Wednesday, Dec. 12, at m.d128.org. 

 "We are excited to be among the first high school districts in the area to develop a mobile app," said District 128 Superintendent Prentiss Lea. District 128 administrators began discussing the creation of an app in Spring 2012, and began work with Blackboard Mobile last summer. Blackboard Mobile, a division of Blackboard Inc., is dedicated to providing innovative mobile solutions to institutions around the world. As the global leader in campus life app development, Blackboard Mobile has partnered with hundreds of institutions to enrich teaching, learning, and life outside the classroom. 


"Our students and parents are increasingly more mobile," explained District 128 Communications Director Mary Todoric. "They are no longer tied to a computer for their information needs, and we are now able to put the information they need in the palm of their hand 24-7." 

 The components of D128 Mobile are:

Directory: Quickly look up a teacher, call his voice mail extension or send him an email, and save his contact information to your personal contacts.


School icons: Parents and students can get updated news, videos and find events for sports, plays, concerts, and even find out what on the lunch menu for the week.

Important #s: Need to call in an absence, speak to someone in the athletic office or main office? This icon will give you the numbers to call.

Social: If you're one of the millions who check Facebook and Twitter accounts several times throughout the day, this icon will takes you directly to your favorite social sites and any up-to-the-minute news and photos coming from both high schools.

Events: Look up and add important school dates, sporting events, concerts and other student activities directly to your personal calendar.

PS Portal: Students and parents can check on their daily assignments and grades as soon as teachers have published them.

Images: Enjoy photos from the latest events at LHS and VHHS.

Videos: Stream videos from LHS and VHHS events right to your phone.

Links: Access mobile pages to some great District 128 resources.

District 128 Director of Information Technology Mick Torres noted, "District 128 believes that important school communications should be dynamic and digital. We further recognize that small, portable technologies such as laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs (iPads) are quickly emerging as the technology by which our stakeholders prefer to receive and interact with their information."

As with any mobile application, D128 Mobile will continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its users. Updates will be available for download via the app stores.


 "We look forward to receiving feedback from our parents, students and staff," noted Todoric. "We want our app to be THE resource for our staff and families, and look forward to many exciting additions to it in the future."