Cougar Cycling Club

Cougars Cycling Club

Next Ride:  Bike club's annual Columbus Day Bike Ride! Typically a 3 hour ride! Starts at noon front doors of VH. See you there!

Make sure to have a parents waiver!  Cycling_Club_Parent_Permission_Form.doc



Last year we had a blast with biking to the lake, biking to the bagel shop, biking to LHS, biking around VHHS, and biking all over Vernon Hills! This year (2014/2015) we hope to expand our biking and expand our group! Everyone is welcome, no bike necessary. If you do not have a bike, we have a couple extra that you can borrow, but reservations are first come, first serve. If you have a bike, but need help making it work well, all students get free lessons on how to repair your own bike (for free)!

Club Activities

  1. Cycling - in small to large groups (indoor, outdoor - mostly bike paths, or sidewalks)
  2. Annual Chariety Bike Ride (Date & Chariety - TBA)
  3. Learning basic to advanced bicycle Maintenance
    1. How to clean a bike, how to change a flat tire, etc.
  4. Learning basic to advanced bicycle techniques and training
    1. Students will learn valuable knowledge about position, handling, and effects of proper training.
  5. Learning and promoting safety on the road
    1. The students will learn how to safely travel while cycling and “bike friendly” roads and sidewalks.
  6. Promoting cycling awareness and advocacy
    1. Being active in promoting cycling in our community.
    2. Offer a teach young children how to bike clinic(s)