Report an Absence

To Report an Absence

Please Call: (847) 932-2400  English / EspaƱol

Parent Responsibilities When a Student is Absent:

Contact Marion Perkins in the Attendance Center between 7:30 AM and 10:00AM. Absences not cleared within a 24-hour period may result in an unathorized status. Parents may call the attendance clerk prior to 7:30AM and leave the following information:

  • Student's first and last name (spelled out).
  • Year in school.
  • Name of parent calling in to report absence.
  • Daytime phone number where parent may be contacted to verify the call.

To Report a Pre-Arranged Absence

Please call the attendance hotline (847-932-2400) and inform the school of the date(s) the student will be absent.

Have the student complete the Pre-Arranged Absence form and turn it in to the attendance office.  The form is available at the link below, as well as in the LST and attendance offices.

 prearranged absence form.doc  [33.50 KB] 

Click To Contact a Counselor, Dean or Social Worker

Learning Support Team (LST)

College and Career Counselor:  
Scott Birtman (Visit CRC website)
Phone: 847.932.2166
Social Workers:  

Josie DiMarco (A-L)
Phone: 847.932.2029


Doug Dusthimer (M-Z)
Phone: 847.932.2268

Attendance Secretary:  
Marion Perkins
Phone: 847.932.2174
Student Assistant Program Coordinator:  

Amy Dillon
Phone: 847.932.2158

School Resource Officer:  
Becky Foy
Phone:  847.932.2003
School Nurse:  

Veronica Alshouse
Phone: 847.932.2040

Tina Blomgren
Phone: 847.932.2173