Optional Counselor Appointments

Course Selection & Optional Counselor Appointments

All 8th graders will receive their course recommendations and enrollment forms during the last week in January. Families are encouraged to read the instructions, review the materials and choose their classes for 9th grade and mail in their course selection forms by February 13th, 2015.

During the week of February 9th, if a family has questions about course selection or transitioning to high school, counselors will be available for OPTIONAL appointments.  You may or may not not have an opportunity to meet with your assigned counselor as not all counselors will be at the feeder schools. To make an appointment to see a counselor at your feeder school, please call Marla Pierce by February 6th at 847-932-2002.

Counselors will be visiting the feeder schools on the dates listed below:

TBA- Hawthorn MSN

TBA- Hawthorn MSS