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Class Syllabus: Health Syllabus

Topics Covered:

 * Chapter 3: Achieving Mental and Emotional Health

Lesson #1 (pg. 66-71) Developing Your Self-Esteem: Glencoe Ch. 3 Developing Your Self-Esteem
Lesson #2 (pg. 72-77) Developing Personal Idenity & Character: Glencoe Ch. 3 Developing Personal Idenity & Character
Lesson #3 (pg. 78-83) Expressing Emotions in Healthful Ways: Glencoe Ch. 3 Expressing Emotions in Healthful Ways
Worksheet for Lesson #3: Glenco Ch. 3 Understanding Emotions worksheet for lesson 3

Lesson #4 Guest Speakers: School Social Workers; Mr. Doug Dusthimer & Mrs. Josie DiMarco
Link for Social Worker Survey:

Lesson #5 (VHS Video: Friends episode) Students evaluate behaviors and determine if the emotions displayed were positive, constructive, or negative.
Worksheet for Lesson #4: Friends Video worksheet for lesson #4

Test over Ch. 3

* Chapter 9: Resolving Conflicts & Preventing Violence

Lesson #1 (pg. 220-223) Cause of Conflict: Glencoe Ch. 9 Cause of Conflict
VIDEO (Click here for online video) "Violence Prevention, Don't be a Victim"
Worksheet for Lesson #1 Video: Violence Prevention, Don't be a Victim
Lesson #2 (pg. 224-228) Resolving Conflict: Glencoe Ch. 9 Resolving Conflict
VIDEO (Click here for online video) "Cruel Schools, Bullying and Violence"
Worksheet for Lesson #2 Video: Cruel Schools, Bullying and Violence
Lesson #3 (pg. 229-235) Understanding Violence: Glencoe Ch. 9 Understanding Violence
Worksheet for lesson #3: Understanding Violence
-> Worksheet for class debate:  Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Law Debate
VIDEO (Click here for online video) "The Teen Files, The Truth About Hate"
Worksheet for Lesson #3 Video: The Teen Files, The Truth About Hate
Lesson #4 (pg. 236-241) Preventing and Overcoming Abuse: Glencoe Ch. 13 Preventing & Overcoming Abuse
VIDEO (Click here for online video) "Violence in the Family"

Test over Ch. 9

* Chapter 16 & 17: Reproductive Health and Prenatal Development

Lesson #1 (pg. 452-457) Female Reproductive System: Glencoe Ch. 16 Female Reproductive System
Lesson #2 (pg. 470-477) Prenatal Development: Glencoe Ch. 17 Prenatal Development
Lesson #3 (pg. 446-451) Male Reproductive System: Glencoe Ch. 16 Male Reproductive System
Lessons #4-6 Guest presenter(s) from PHD

* Chapter 5 Mental and Emotional Problems

Lesson #1 (pg. 114-117) Dealing with Anxiety and Depression: Glenco Ch. 5 Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
Worksheet for Lesson #1 Video: Managing Your Health: Depression
Lesson #2 (pg. 118-121) Mental Disorders: Glencoe Ch. 5 Mental Disorders
Lesson #3 (pg. 122-125) Suicide Prevention: Glencoe Ch. 5 Suicide Prevention
Lesson #4 (pg. 126-129) Getting Help: Glencoe Ch. 5 Getting Help
Lesson #5 (Click here for Video) A Desperate Exit

Test Ch. 5

* Chapter 4 Managing Stress and Coping with Loss

Lesson #1 & 2 (pg. 92-96) Understanding Stress: Glencoe Ch. 4 Understanding Stress
Link for survey on signs of stress:
Lesson #3 (pg. 97-101) Managing Stress: Glencoe Ch. 4 Managing Stress
Lesson #4 (pg. 102-105) Coping with Loss and Grief: Glencoe Ch. 4 Coping with Loss and Grief
Lesson #5  In class activities - Stress management techniques

Test Ch. 4

* Chapter 10 & 11 Nutrition for Health and Managing Weight & Eating Behaviors

* Chapter 11
Lesson #1 (pg. 290-296) Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Glencoe Ch. 11 Healthy Weight
(Click here for online video): "Metabolism"
Lesson #2 (pg. 297-302) Body Image & Eating Disorders: Glencoe Ch. 11 Eating Disorders
Worksheet for Lesson 2 activity: Eating disorders
* Chapter 10
Lesson #1 (pg. 254-257) The Importance of Nutrition: Glencoe Ch 10 Importance of Nutrition
Lesson #2 (pg. 258-260) Carbohydrates: Glencoe Ch. 10 Carbohydrates
Lesson #3 (pg. 260) Protein: Glencoe Ch 10 Protein
Lesson #4 (pg. 261-262) Fats and Cholesterol: Glencoe Ch 10 Fats & Cholesterol
Lesson #5 (pg. 262-265) Vitamins, Minerals, & Water: Glencoe Ch. 10 Vitamins, Minerals, & Water
-Class Debate; Should Genetically Modified Organisms be on food labelsClick here to retrieve assignment
Lesson #6 (pg. 274-280) Nutrition Labels & Food Safety: Glencoe Ch. 10 Labels & Food Safety
Lesson #7  Directions for My Fitness Pal diet analysis assignment: Instructions for Assignment
Lesson #8 & #9 DVD Video: "Food Inc."
Letter for parents; Food Inc. movie:  Click here to retrieve letter

Test over Ch. 10 & 11

* Chapter 19 & 22 Medicines and Drugs

Lesson #1 Group Research Project: (worksheet information): Health (technology) drug research assignment
Lesson #2 Full day of class to work on research project
Lesson #3 Full day of class to work on research project
Lesson #4 (pg. 525-529) The Role of Medicines: Glencoe Ch. 19 The Role of Medicines & Commonly Abused Medicines
Lesson #5 (pg. 530-533) Using Medicines Safely: Glencoe Ch. 19 Using Medicines Safely
VHS Video: Abusing Over the Counter Drugs
Lesson #6 Robert Crown Heroin Lessons 1-3
Lesson #7 Robert Crown Heroin Lessons 4-5
Lesson #8 Robert Crown Heroin Lessons 6-8
Lesson #9 (598-600) Glencoe Ch. 22 Marijuana: Marijuana power point
Lesson #11 & 12 Drug research presentations

* Chapter 21 Alcohol

Lesson #1 & 2: Alcohol research assigment: research assignment
Lesson #3 VHS Video: Facts about Alcohol Part 1, 2, & 3 (in class activity)
Lesson #4 (pg. 566-571) The Health Risks of Alcohol Use: Glencoe Ch. 21 The Health Risks of Alcohol Use
Link for activity:  Once opened, click file, then make a copy.
Lesson #5 (pg. 572-577) Choosing to Live Alcohol Free: Glencoe Ch. 21 Choosing to Live Alcohol Free
Lesson #6 (pg. 578-583) The Impact of Alcohol Abuse: Glencoe Ch. 21 The Impact of Alcohol Abuse

Test over Ch. 21

* Chapter 20 Tobacco

Lesson #1 (pg. 542-547) The Health Risks of Tobacco Use: Glencoe Ch. 20 Health Risks of Tobacco Use
(Click here for online video): "The Trouble with Tobacco"
Worksheet for Lesson #1 Video: The Trouble with Tobacco:
Lesson #2 (pg. 548-552) Choosing to Live Tobacco Free: Glencoe Ch. 21 Chosing to Live Tobacco Free
Template for Jeopardy game:

* Test over Ch. 20


Microsoft Word Document: FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: Health Final Exam Study Guide

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