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Government Sites

EDGAR Database
EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, provides access to submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Federal Trade Commission
The FTC enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws.
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Information about bills, congressional record, committees, the legislative process, and historical documents of the United States Congress.
U.S. Department of Commerce
"The Department of Commerce promotes job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and improved living standards for all Americans." Links to DOC Bureaus, news, and the Commerce Government Information Locator (GILS).
U.S. Department of Labor
Links to DOL agencies, statistics, laws and regulations, and news.
Taxes & Forms
Federal Government tax forms are available through this online site.
This site provides information on IRS rules regulations. These sites can take care of many of your tax needs and questions.

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Company Information

Companies Online (Dun and Bradstreet)
Promises to search for "information on over 100,000 public and private companies."
Forbes 500 Annual Directory
Search options include: alphabetical by company, rank by sales, rank by market value, rank by assets, rank by profits, state, and industry.
Forbes 500 International Companies
Search by name, country, and industry.
Forbes 500 Top Private Companies
Alphabetical list, list by rank (1-500), by state, and by industry.
Fortune 500
"Company List" offers alphabetical access, "Fortune 500 List" offers access by rank (1-500).
Hoover's Online
Some free infomation available. Full service available to paying subscribers.
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Search for companies, products, and services. Registration required (free).

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Investments & Exchanges

Wall Street Research Net
Information for investors. Sections include: Company Information, Economic Research, Market News, The News, Research Publications, Mutual Funds, Brokers & Services, and What's New.
The Motley Fool
"The Motley Fool Online is a forum dedicated to creating wealth by investing in stocks." Promotes the idea that "the best person to manage your money is you."
Delayed quotes (15-20 minutes) are available free.
New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange
Chicago Stock Exchange
Chicago Board of Options Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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BankRate Monitor
Consumer bank rates on mortgages, credit cards, home equity loans and lines, auto loans,
personal loans and CDs, bank fees and banking news are packaged with how-to personal finance articles from experts at Bank Rate Monitor. Data and features are updated daily.
World Council of Credit Unions
(WOCCU) is the international organization of credit unions and similar
cooperative financial institutions.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Access to current economic and financial data, publications
dealing with economic and consumer issues, materials for classroom and economic and financial topics, and connections to other Federal Reserve Banks.

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Consumer Protection

The Better Business Bureau
This web site is currently for the Boston area but will give you an idea what the future of the BBB will look like in 1997 when 130 nationwide BBB's will be on line.
National Fraud Information Center
Learn to avoid current scams and be able to report suspected telemarkeing and internate fraud.
North American Securities Administrators Association
This site provides investor education regrading investment fraud.
FTC ConsumerLine Office of Consumer & Business Education Bureau of Consumer Protection
Consumer Line is the online service of the Office of Consumer and Business Education of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. It offers the full text of approximately 150 consumer and business publications on a wide range of categories.

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Get Smart is a free objective information service that helps take the complexity out of borrowing by providing information on home loans, debt consolodation, credit cards
Provides useful, objective information to consumers seeking payment cards information.
Card Trak
This site tracks american credit cards for consumers. News articles are on line regarding credit cards, cards that offer rebates, low interest rates, no fee cards and much more.
American Express University
A World Wide Web Resource For Students.

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Insurance News Network
INN is your guide to auto, home, and life insurance. This web site will explain how different forms of coverage work, define insurance terms in plain English and identify questions you should ask an insurance agent when buying insurance. It also provides financial health ratings on thousands of insurers and detail reports on major insurance groups. If you want to know more about insurance this is a very good web site.
Independent Insurance Network
The consumer's section has basic information on auto, homeowners, & small business insurance.
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
A sight that allows you to look at your personal planning strategies. Which includes the following topics.Your Money News, Basics of Life FAQ ,Is There A Gap in Your Plan?, Personal Planning Analysis, The Inflation Quiz, How Much Are You Worth?, Life Insurance Calculator, Retirement Savings Calculator, College Funding Calculator, Disability Income Needs Calculator. Also see the games section on this page.

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