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The College Resource Center (CRC) is available to students throughout the day.  It contains a wealth of information on colleges and universities.  Reference books, college cds/dvds, and catalogs can be checked-out for use at home.  In addition, you will find financial aid and scholarship information, ACT and SAT registration information, college and career websites, and many other useful resources.

College Representatives visit the CRC for one period.  Juniors and seniors interested in meeting with a representative should sign up through Naviance, print the confirmation sheet, have their teacher sign the sheet and bring the signed confirmation sheet to the rep visit.  (Teacher permission is required.)  Upcoming college rep visits can be found in Naviance.  Visits for each week are also listed in the Daily Bulletin, posted on the CRC windows, and are on the TV monitors.

 College Counselor, Mr. Birtman, serves as the contact with colleges and universities, and provides an additional support for students, parents, and counselors.  He is available to students and parents for consultation regarding the post high school planning and the college admissions process.  To schedule an appointment, please call Ruth Netland @ (847) 932-2165. 

SCOTT BIRTMAN, College Counselor  847-932-2166





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RUTH NETLAND, Secretary 847-932-2165