8th Grade Information

Welcome to the web site for incoming Cougars (Class of 2019). This site is designed to help you transition from junior high or middle school to VHHS and should address your most frequently asked questions.  Look frequently for updated information as we prepare for the 2015-2016 school year.  In the meantime, please refer to the general timeline below for information about the course selection and registration process for incoming 9th graders. The documents listed below will be posted as they are made available.

 If you need further assistance please call 847-932-2000 and we will be happy to direct you to someone who can help you.





  • VHHS receives demographic information from feeder schools for mailing.



  • Intitial 8th grade mailing including student's preliminary name and address verification and save the date for 8th grade orientation (January 20, 2015).



  • Explore testing will no longer be administered.  Students will be placed in classes based on teacher recommendations and MAP test scores if available.  
  • Deadline to return name/address verification forms.



  • 8th grade teachers begin the process of recommending students for courses for the coming year.
  • 8th Grade packets are mailed (by end of December) containing VHHS Curriculum Guide, list of typical 9th grade classes, physical examination form, and athletic interest survey.

Orientation Invitation
(Mailed 12/2014)

Student Last Names A - K
Student Last Names L - Z


  • 8th Grade Orientation - at VHHS - January, 20, 2015. 
  • International Language placement exams
  • 8th grade teachers send final recommendations for course selection to VHHS
  • Department Supervisors meet with 8th grade teachers and finalize course recommendations
  • 8th grade recommendations are mailed home (by end of January) with course selection instructions and materials.
  • Families are encouraged to talk about course selection at home.
  • Choice Zone declarations due January 23rd.

Recommendation Process

Course selection process & optional counselor appointments

Curriculum Guide

List of Freshman courses

Course selection advice & FAQ's   


  • Course selection.  8th grade families will be instructed on how to mail in their student’s course requests. Counselors host optional course selection meetings with 8th grade families at the feeder schools the week of February 9.  Course selection ends February 13, 2015.




  • All course selection data is compiled and prepared for the administration.
  • VHHS and D128 administration review course selection data and make sectioning and staffing decisions.
  • With Board approval, the VHHS administration begins to build the Master Schedule based on the initial course selection data.



  • Counselors contact students whose courses were cancelled due to lack of enrollment and help them choose alternative courses. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.
  • Begin limited discretionary schedule changes. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.
  • Continue to build the Master Schedule. A computer is used to run simulations to find the most effective schedule that will maximize the highest percentage of students being placed into the courses they selected.

How to contact your counselor and change your course requests 


  • Finalize master schedule.
  • Counselors meet with students to resolve schedule conflicts/irresolvables. Students who have a large number of singleton or doubleton courses (courses that have only one or two sections) are at the greatest risk for having schedule conflicts.
  • Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.



  • Counselors finish schedule conflicts/ irresolvables and begin to balance sections.
  • Course verification letters mailed home. This represents the course selection decision to date. This is not a schedule.
  • Begin summer hours M-Th 7:30-4:00. School is closed Fridays.
  • A counselor is on duty at scheduled times in June (call for availability) to process limited discretionary schedule changes and register new students. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available. Schedule changes get more difficult to do.

Summer schedule for counselors



  • First Summer Mailing goes home  early-July (principal’s letter, registration instructions including snapcode for online registration with infosnap, basic fees, athletic registration material, and optional forms)
  • Begin the registration & residency verification process for upcoming year. There are four steps to the freshman registration process: 1) Verify your child's demographic data via infosnap 2) Use the enclosed envelope to return any optional forms printed off infosnap  3) Complete proof of residency in person at VHHS 4) Pay Basic Fees
  • A counselor is on duty at scheduled times in July (call for availability) to process limited discretionary schedule changes and register new students. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.
  • Finalize registration & residency verification.  All registration materials are due.


Principal's Letter

Registration instructions

Residency form

Prueba de Residencia Declaración


  • Final mailing is sent home on August 7 to those families who have completed registration & residency verification process. This mailing includes schedules, ID cards, locker and bus information etc…
  • All counselors are on duty T W & Th the week prior to the beginning of school (TBD) to process last minute discretionary schedule changes and register new students.  Discretionary schedule changes will not be considered after August 14 of this week.
  • Freshman Orientation is held on TBD . Ride the bus to school, get important information and follow your schedule!
  • Fall athletic teams begin practice
  • School Starts